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Cleaner choose and buy has 8 court

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The vacuum is a kind new-style, advanced dust catcher is provided, it uses the Yu Bin house, hospital, garden, shop, library, lab, computer room, part such as the family extensively, the suction that uses different specifications first, the dirt bit that can use product of cleared carpet, clothings, sofa, electric home appliances
Rise as what the improvement of domestic living environment and interior decoration decorate a level, cleaner is entering home of common common people increasingly. In recent years, product of our country cleaner had great progress, all sorts of modelling differ, function the various, beautiful, main share that used convenient cleaner product to already held home market, the product that has many cleaner company production already was exported in great quantities abroad the market, report gives our country to already counted a state by first cleaner product entrance, change creates manufacturing base for cleaner product. In quality respect, great majority is large and medium-sized mainstay company introduces an advanced technique actively, adopt proper motion to consider to develop at the same time all sorts of reducing noise technology, improved product quality.

The sort of cleaner is more, by the structure cent basically has --

1 . Vertical: Show drum form or square to be in the majority, on cent, below two parts, upside contains electric machinery, it is dynamical part, bottom is dust collection box.

2. Horizontal: Rectangle or model shape, have around two parts, forehead is dust collection box, hind for electric machinery part.

3. Portable, it has 4 kinds of forms commonly -- humeral type: Volume is minor, the back when using is on the shoulder, power is lesser; Lever type: Appearance is like lever, end is handle on, the lower end is suction nozzle, power is lesser; Portable: Volume is minorrer, can grasp directly use in the hand, power is lesser; Miniature type: Multi-purpose batteries power supply, volume is minorrer, multi-purpose wait at clean clothings, instrument, power is lesser.

Will divide by drive electromotor, cleaner can divide again it is the following kinds: Communication cleaner, dc cleaner and deliver direct current amphibious cleaner.

The problem that vacuum of choose and buy should note is:

1 . Rated power input must match with the rated capacitance of family of the person that use, general with 1500 watt the following had better.

2. The due electric equipment parameter on implemental nameplate is all ready (manufacturer of frequency of symbol of property of power source voltage, power source, power source, power or brand) .

3. The packing box of the vacuum that normal manufacturer produces is orderly and firm, manual, certificate of approval, guarantee card must all ready, accessory is all ready, the surface is slick, beautiful and easy.

4. Cleaner connects reinforce rigor partly each, especially of dust collection part and dynamical part have sex place. Law of check proved recipe is: The mains switch that start, stand by with the hand outside handing in juncture, if do not have the feeling of air leak, shut close sex good, otherwise poorer, the cleaner of sealed difference not only aspiration effect is poor, and power consumption is big.
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