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The harm of domestic noise and prevent

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Mention noise harm, suffer condemnation always often be industrial noise, traffic noise, and to indoor home appliance noise, people takes the lenient attitude of laissez-faire however. Noise of little imagine home appliance comes compared with traffic noise and industrial noise, it is none inferior " likewise aeriform killer " .

In home appliance noise, to kill most of intense want number to receive recorder and assorted acoustics, their high frequency noise exceeds 2000 hertz commonly. This kind of loud noise is great to the injury of inner ear. Person ear contacts 6 hours of above continuously, have the risk that causes hearing loss. And the eyesight that this kind of strong noise endangers a person badly still. Study a proof, after strong noise is exciting, eyesight definition of the person should regain normal position, want normally 1, 2 hours.

Have a look at the noise level of all sorts of home appliance, know they cannot despise: Decibel of?0 of gauze of  of Qian of head of mace of Xue of hurry salary  , the noise of window type air conditioning is 65 decibel normally, the noise of cleaner is controlled in 75 decibel commonly. Because the low frequency noise that freezer gives out is close to with palpitant frequency of the person, cause cardiovascular pathological change more easily consequently, old people gets easily especially its harm.

Still one kind comes from the noise that makes artificially, be like brawl sound, reproach, fight noisely, cry be troubled by etc, want to cause our attention likewise.

Live in noise how to prevent

Prevent for effective ground and reduce the noise pollution influence to domestic environment and harm, can take a variety of means and step.

When ① is undertaking the bedroom is decorated, use sound absorption deadening as far as possible, in order to reduce; of indoor audio reverberation time

② ground decorates carpet, enhance action of indoor heat preservation already, can reduce again walk to play the sound when be troubled by with the child, the solidarity that still is helpful for neighbour helps each other;

③ arranges the massiness curtain mood with sound absorption better effect to lie between curtain; on door window device

④ is in freezer, washing machine and the place of ground surface contact install spacer, the machine when reducing the job shakes contaminative;

⑤ is conditional can arrange two glazing, namely the formal; condition of window of make it sound insulation is finite, also should crack the window with sealing strip or balata sponge reach the point such as a crack between a door and its frame as far as possible impaction;

⑥ bedroom design is reasonable, all sorts of functions are tie-in and proper, not factitious ground makes all sorts of noise pollution sources.

Additionally need notices a bit, having a bedroom when sealed sound insulation, do not ignore indoor and ventilated issue.
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