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Everybody is good, I had read a few articles about cleaner, some are too professional, what vacuum is spent, the vocabulary that principle of electric machinery rotate speed, aerodynamics waits technical and so on a moment lets a person water of a mist, did not rise to show the effect of the labyrinth not only, let people do not know how to choose instead, after all it is a small home appliance only, it we should know which are planted only is good that we should know which are planted only it is OK to use, as to index of a few technologies to consumer be to not was necessary to understand completely, my caption cries " guideline of cleaner choose and buy " , the hope can help everybody choose from use angle. Pure belong to individual opinion oh ^^

1. is choice appearance above all, small held that's all right is good those who tell, resemble a young toy same, the function is singler, a few yuan are done decided; Of traditional car pattern, in front a big long pipe, wasted too much attraction, still a lot of dirty stuffs also can accumulate existence inside, often comparative the ——800~2200w that expend report, sound exceeds big immensity, the individual thinks of erect type best, a few makes cleaner technically high end brands of Europe and United States make erect type, ground acetabulum contacts the ground directly, attraction is driving, and rely on a machine self-prossessed make sucking disk and ground are contacted adequately, clean effect is better.

2. function, what should care most in the choice is a function, want to reduce our labor intensity namely with cleaner, replace traditional broom and mop, and achieve better clean result, maintain the family is decorated and furniture electric equipment.

Current in light of the major product on the market, can do basic aspiration only, when making ground sanitation, should suck with cleaner first, reoccupy mop is brushed, it is better and better to be decorated nowadays, a lot of wood floors are brushed with water, time grew to be able to be out of shape, bring about case become warped, crack is larger and larger, floor tile was brushed also have watermark, a few cleaner had had the function that brush the ground now, the dirty content that can adopt abb soft mat and ground is united in wedlock, discharged the trouble that brushs the ground with water and the destruction to the floor, it is OK that a lot of people may be heard for the first time anhydrous brushs the ground, traditional thinking still is with water clean, ah, science and technology progressed, habits and customs also wants as the change, this kind of anhydrous brushs the ground to be able to be returned clean than using water, because of it can take out ground the composition of a few oil, avoided scale and watermark again at the same time, leave out a working procedure, aspiration brushs the ground to finish, comfortable ^^ does not resemble listening to a book from heaven same, still have behind more wonderful ~

Depth divides mite, have profit very much to the health of human body, it is the allergic cause that causes the disease such as allergic, asthmatic, rhinitis, the person of mite bug allergy is increasing nowadays, a lot of large companies of foreign that protect clean have this service. A lot of present cleaner indicate this function, but practical effect how, I am OK very bear the blame tell everybody, dinkum filch concept, dividing mite truly is deep-seated, cushion of bed cushion, quilt, pillow, sofa, want 10 centimeter above commonly thick, rely on only small sucking a head is impossible a so thick cushion Qing Dynasty is clean, deep-seated cleanness should rely on alone electric machinery, flap through exceeding high-speed pump, cleared large cushion the dirty content inside, qing Dynasty comes out is white farinose winter, of metabolism of many human body scurfy, many mite bug is contained inside.
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