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Choose cleaner to want 6 look

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Cleaner of choose and buy is become with quality reliable, function applicable, operation is convenient for referenced basis. Besides wanting to understand structure and power, how many what consider add function even, basically be 6 look:

Look have without control equipment of strong weak attraction. The occasion that cleaner uses is much, had better attraction can charge switch or electric machinery rate by force infirmly adjustable device, the purpose is to avoid the curtain with light weight to because attraction passes,wait strong and stem cleaner suction nozzle. Some cleaner are receiving long hard canal to go up a round hole, adjust with area of annulus adjustment round hole will change attraction. The cleaner that does not have any attraction control equipment or timing device is very disadvantageous when use, had better not buy.

2 look have without dirt retention display unit. The dirt inside cleaner is accumulated much, answer to clear in time, can affect electric machinery life otherwise. Accordingly, a red indicator light reminds user secure with clearing in time dirt retention is very necessary.

3 look clear dirt is convenient. When vintage cleaner pours dirt, some need to shake off, do so that dust flies upwards, not only very disadvantageous, not wholesome also. New-style cleaner clears method of market territory bag is simple, very clean also.

4 look have without coil automatically buy of traditional thread binding. The Tibet inside new-style cleaner has coil automatically buy of traditional thread binding, should press only use switch, power supply cord is given off can quickly, automatically or be involved in, the operation is convenient.

5 look have without dust collection bag protector. Dust collection bag or filter bag of crucial part that is cleaner, but it is damaged more easily by the benefit other people such as the metal. Some cleaner brush jacket to have electro-magnet in aspiration, can grip broken scrap, razor blade, needle, enter dust collection bag in order to avoid them.

The 6 quality that see cleaner. Besides producing area, brand, from plastic the reliability that the exterior also can judge a product roughly. The product with those poorer exteriors, its are immanent quality is general poorer also. Immanent quality can lose by force from attraction of size of electric machinery noise, air wait for respect judgement. When the examination, still should notice whether tube and its interface place are flat, accessory and reserve a whether neat congruent.

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