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Guideline of cleaner choose and buy

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In recent years, accompanying the upsurge that the family decorates, the domestic year after year that extends carpet increases, people also adds subsequently to the demand of cleaner. Without doubt, the cleaner that comes to China the sale is sure to have the development of advance rapidly. A few questions that when be being bought with respect to everybody now, care are simple narrate as follows, hope when to choosing cleaner to you, be helped somewhat.

The principle of cleaner and structure

1.The high speed that passes electromotor rotates, vacuum is formed inside lead plane, use the high speed air stream that generates from this, from rubbish of engulf of air suction opening. At this moment the speed of air current is as high as 24 0 of speed per hour to turn, pedicular wait for a pest to be in enter lead plane in, because high speed collides,aspiration is in charge of wall and die.

2.The rubbish of inspiratory cleaner, be in by the saving hop-pocket machine,

By the air that screen pack has purified, criterion edge refrigeration electromotor, edge by eduction cleaner.

3.Electromotor is the heart of cleaner, the stand or fall of its function, can affect the reliability of cleaner directly.

Additional, the motor that cleaner place uses, minutely rotate 20 thousand turn ~ 40 thousand turn. And the electromotor that is like electric fan, its rotate speed is minutely about 1800 ~ 3600 turn, from this rotate speed of knowable cleaner electromotor is how tall.

1.Represent the unit of cleaner function correctly, not be power input (wattage, or amperage) , output power however (inspiratory power) .

2.” of “ inspiratory force depends on the join forces of the wind-force of a generation and vacuum force, but these two elements have contrary character however. That is to say, slacken of force of the vacuum when wind-force is big, when vacuum force is powerful wind- driven decrescent. The maximum of this both join forces, express the ” of “ inspiratory power of this cleaner ability namely, inspiratory power uses watt (W) express. This is defined, it is international standard organization (I SO) formulary expression the international standard of cleaner function, be able to admit inside alive bound limits.

Current, use its as the unit that shows cleaner performance Japan, Germany this one unit, but be in other area, direct the size power input, misunderstanding is the unit that shows cleaner performance.

Close day exhaust screen pack

1.To do not make the tiny dirt leak of inspiratory cleaner arrives outside, contain in cleaner a variety of screen pack. For example: In the cleaner of the electric equipment below the pine, contain at least 2-3 screen pack, additional, hop-pocket or paper bag, also having the effect of screen pack. These screen pack, can prevent very tiny speck to injure electromotor, still can rise to prevent action of flyblown and indoor airy at the same time.
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