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Xiaochang knows cleaner choose and buy

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In light of market of sale of current cleaner, common type basically has two kinds, one kind is dry type cleaner, additionally one kind to work wet amphibious model cleaner.
Do type dust collector: The cleaner of this type is family expenses and the main body type that the market sells, can use dust collection paper bag, also can use the dirt cup of machine oneself. Electric machinery is not had turn on the water design, cannot use cleanness to have the area of water.

Work wet amphibious model cleaner: Can use clean and anhydrous area already, also can use bibulous. Average volume is larger, collect not easily, the main body of this type is so multi-purpose at industrial domain.

Respect of choose and buy sees aspiration mouth design and attraction size above all. High-powered cleaner, attraction is enough and driving it is indispensable, all sorts of aspiration mouths and special purpose accessory are in make sure dust collector is effective aspiration respect is indispensable, can improve efficiency, enhance clean result. The main body model that nevertheless market sells now deploys such accessory more.

Next, cleaner uses aspiration, so of the machine filter the system is very important, the material of multiple screen pack is qualitative very crucial. The material of screen pack pledges and number of plies is a main index, usually, screen pack density is higher, filter the effect will be better. Efficient cleaner
Screen pack should can will subtle dirt also tarry, prevent its to pour out of outside machine, cause pollution the 2nd times.

Of course, an adjustable and outspread canal that OK adjustment can reduce labor intensity greatly, and be collected easily mix decrease collect a space. The convenience sex measure such as dirt full indicator light and the function that control a route automatically also is consideration element.

The 3rd, consumer buys cleaner is used in the home more, electric machinery function is very so main. Electric machinery function can tell power source through receiving, see the stable rate that the machine runs, have wait for murmur without scream or attrition, place the hand on the machine, see its be not had from time to tome in the job feel oscillatorily substantially.

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