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Xiaochang knows: What does the complex model of washing machine represent

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Know washing machine of choose and buy for convenient and broad consumer, each enterprise united a standard to provide model to the product by home:

Discharge the first symbol “X” to show washing machine; “T” expresses spin-drier. The “P” that discharges the 2nd is common model; “B” is semi-automatic model; “Q” is full automatic model. Type of impeller of the 3rd “B” ; “G” rolling-type; “D” agitate type. The 4th is catharsis capacity. The 5th is manufacturer design serial number. The 6th is structural type code name, “S” represents double container opportunity, odd bucket machine not mark.

For example, XQB40 - 33 model, means catharsis capacity 4 kilograms impeller type is full automatic washing machine, manufacturer design serial number is 33 model; XPB55 - 3S, means catharsis capacity 5.5 kilograms impeller type is common model double container washing machine, namely common double crock machine, manufacturer design serial number is 3 model; XQG50 - 2 model, means catharsis capacity 5 kilograms rolling-type is full automatic washing machine, manufacturer design serial number is 2 model; T20 - 3 model, means dehydrate capacity 2 kilograms spin-drier, manufacturer design serial number is 3 model.

Knew above sets, consumer can is opposite type of the basic function of washing machine, structure had preliminary knowledge, facilitate better choose and buy.

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