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Strategy of choose and buy of new residence home appliance -- flat TV piece add

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AMY and SENDY are the newlywed of estate of the one firewood in be opposite, their new residence is 2 rooms one hall

New Year of the traditional Chinese calendar was gotten on for, to traditional Chinese, this is a paragraph of special day. In this kind of day, the small home that is oneself buys bit of home appliance, be in in countless popular feeling just about a talk about again and again, issue that consider. And to a lot of newlywed, the first New Year after marriage, perhaps can be in oneself new building spend, buying a brand-new home appliance is an important matter of the family more. AMY and SENDY are the newlywed of estate of the one firewood in be opposite, their new residence is 2 rooms one hall, sitting room area makes an appointment with 20 much square metre, kitchen 15 square metre, toilet 12 square metre, two bedrooms in all 40 square metre. Husband and wife two just be new home place neat all electric home appliances

Choose and buy of sitting room home appliance

Sitting room home appliance included a lot of big home appliance. At ordinary times recreational recreation of AMY and SENDY likes to be in sitting room, so the sitting room is the one part with the very important niche in the home. They had purchased air conditioning, humidifier, air for the sitting room pure and fresh implement, water machine, acoustics, cleaner, television.


HID29158H of TCL color television

To the sitting room, the television is need above all a family belongs of purchase. Because their sitting room area is finite, AMY thinks to buy to exceed great television is really too too wasteful. Of course, too small conference feels visual wallop is insufficient. This color television 29 inches, just can satisfy their requirement. Its liquid crystal screen is very clear, have very much move feeling, still can radiation-proof. The price is controlled in 4500 yuan. They prepare to put it in the midpoint position of the sitting room.


Light of system of introductory class AV has a television to be no good of course, acoustics is very important also. To acoustics, they are returned now is not particularly be expert at. Not tall to its requirement, it is good to want acoustic quality only, hear a music very comfortable OK. What so they choose is system of AV of an introduction class: AEAegis1 keynote box; Sound box of the buy in AEAegisCenter; AEAegisCompact surrounds sound box; MarantzSR4300 result is put. The AV result that MarantzSR4300 is stage par is put, had had function of double decipher of DTS, DOLBYDIGITAL nevertheless, compare tinnily sweet embellish, use at ordinary times hear music very should pretty good. AEAegis1 is a sex the sound box with valence very tall comparing, it is tonal and relaxed, with will sow AV or popular music is very appropriate, with tonal sweet the MarantzSR4300 of embellish just suitable. This acoustics price is controlled in 8000 yuan.
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