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Guideline of choose and buy of 4 everybody report

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How air conditioning of choose and buy implement

Air conditioning of choose and buy implement when, can pass look, listen, feel wait for air conditioning of method preliminary check-out implement quality.

Air conditioning of visual examination range estimation implement each component, should machine careful, plastic a surface with respect to level off smooth, colour and lustre is even. The installation of each component should firm and reliable, cannot chafe each other between pipeline and component, collision.

The baffle of perpendicular, level that adversary of examination of baffle of perpendicular, level moves should fluctuate or or so batches are moved cannot too close, more cannot too loose, should dial can locate in any positions, do not answer automatic shift.

Screen pack of screen pack examination is economy tears open the component of outfit, should check tear open outfit is convenient, the net has deny damaged to wait.

The examination air conditioning of each function key, knob implement the knob on face plate should turn agile, fall, do not loosen, not slip.

Electrify checks pair of integral type air conditioning implement, but electrify examination.

Noise and oscillatory examination air conditioning implement when refrigeration moves, cannot unusual clash waits for noise, vibration also cannot pass big.

Outlet of power supply cord of inspection of electric function examination, power source whether up to specification, tug power supply cord should not become loose pull.

Examination of file of accessory, technology should check the technical file such as manual, certificate of approval all ready, check accessory by container load plan all ready.

How freezer of choose and buy
Freezer cubage: 60—70 of cubage of average per capita of professional personage proposal stands litre relatively appropriate, general 3 home chooses 200 litres of right-and-left freezer to compare ideal. Of course, population is more, economic condition is good, the family with housing large area, can choose capacious freezer accordingly.

The refrigeration means of freezer: The refrigeration means of freezer has straight cold type (have white) zephyr cold pattern (without frost) two kinds. Straight cold freezer lasts, it is good to defend wet performance, the price is relatively some cheaper; Freezer compartment of the freezer that do not have frost is automatic defrost, the temperature inside casing is evener.

The choice of the brand: The brand reflects the integrated level of an enterprise, it is the mark of product quality and credit normally. This is the matter that people pursues famous brand.

The structure of freezer: The tide of contemporary freezer flows to much more lukewarm area and many direction to develop, besides normally refrigerant with cold storage interval, still glacial lukewarm area, urgent cold region becomes lukewarm even area, these functions can raise food to refrigerate quality not only, and use convenient also. Much door freezer makes not only freezer more show high-grade and luxurious, also make alimental refrigerates more scientific, reasonable, sanitation.
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