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Home appliance choose and buy: Plasma of flat TV choose and buy still is liquid

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Walk into home appliance to sell, ground of do one's best explains the member that face the flat TV such as the liquid crystal of full of beautiful things in eyes and plasma and sales promotion, people often can be immersed in this to choose the condition of be in a dilemma of plasma TV or liquid crystal TV. Actually, plasma and liquid crystal are had frivolous, can the characteristic such as hanging, but have again in a few respects different, when choosing so can because of the person different.

Generally speaking, plasma is given priority to with the big screen of 42 inches of above. Although TV of latter liquid crystal also begins to march to 42 inches, but the price still lets a person flinch, in the meantime, as a result of the limitation of glow principle, liquid crystal TV still with 37 inches the following in the small screen is given priority to.

The glow principle of plasma TV is to use the plasma that gas discharge produces to arouse smooth pink of red, green, La Ying, give out red, green, La San to plant base shade, show chromatic picture is formed on vitreous flat. Belong to initiative light. And liquid crystal TV is to permeate model give off light, it is color of generation of lens of filter of color of illuminate of smooth lamp of back of a chair. As a result of glow principle different, created a lot of difference. Show from colour on look, the glow principle of plasma decided its colorific abounds a gender. 8.6 billion kinds came true to show below the pine in plasma at present, the pioneer is 5.7 billion kinds, and the dominant position that day establishs to use its image to handle chip rolls out the technology that can amount to 68.6 billion kinds. Current liquid crystal is shown picture, colour is 16.77 million kinds more; In contrast respect, as a result of the difference of glow principle, liquid crystal is highest and at present general do not exceed 1000 than 1; The contrast of plasma is 1000 than 1, tall still 3000 is compare 1 and 5000 than 1; Viewing perspective side, the plasma in publicizing a data at present and liquid crystal achieved 1600 above. But because actual and classy ion is done not have polarizing filter, when flank looks image color did not change apparently, and image of flank of liquid crystal criterion is inferior to the front apparently in contrast and colour respect. If sitting room area is larger, watch a distance to be more than 23 meters, criterion appropriate of sitting room TV chooses plasma.

Choose plasma TV or liquid crystal TV to still be concerned with your be fond of, the picture with some friend more higher resolution, exquisite preferences, and not tall to dynamic effect requirement, TV of natural liquid crystal suits more; Conversely, some hobbies see the movement is big, emphasize picture administrative levels feeling, so plasma nature is the optimal choice that shows level.
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