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Home appliance choose and buy: Plasma of flat TV choose and buy still is liquid

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Its picture is exquisite when plasma TV looks nearly TV of liquid crystal of degree be not a patch on, but it goes up in number of dynamic effect, colour, contrast and brightness however advantage day is become, the ALIS with the plasma particular TV that day establishs (1024×1024 resembles element) screen, promotion of its picture quality is apparent. Draw near what broadcast as high-definition number signal increasingly, what plasma TV market has gotten lost XGA and ALIS apparently is tall product resembling element. Together with price appropriate, screen big, the advantage in the flat of sitting room big screen in 42 inches of above is clear.

Cost of be confined to, the TV of big screen liquid crystal of the mainstream is 37 inches more, in quits ion and liquid crystal high-definition picture is divided in comparing of qualitative, frivolous airframe, fashionable exterior and energy-saving sex outside thinking, the picture should be paid attention to to pledge especially when the choice. Number of dynamic effect, resolution, colour gamut, colour, contrast, brightness, also should make an on-the-spot investigation mainly, but of index early or late weight also should be decided because of individual be fond of.

Anyhow, the sitting room regards the activity in living in the life as the most frequent area, choose plasma TV optimum, and wait for a choice as the bedroom with opposite lesser space a cabinet liquid crystal TV, also can obtain relatively of beautiful view and admire the effect.

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