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The dress is too thick how to do high capacity washing machine to give you help

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In light of the trend that buys washing machine from the closest consumer, ” of “ high capacity turns people into a when the choice very important level it seems that. Weather is cooler and cooler now, the dress that wear is thicker and thicker also, originally the washing machine of small size cannot have satisfied the requirement of people far it seems that. Today, net of home appliance of 10 thousand dimension recommends the washing machine of a few high capacity to everybody, look together.

Abluent stop sea Er XQG60-QHZ1268HA namely

XQG60-QHZ1268HA of this sea Er is on the exterior, use gray and gules collocation, namely lively vogue is not broken again sedate. Exceed big LED to display screen, make you right catharsis process if point to a palm. Additional, the bulk of 570*595*850mm, going up to calculating for the washing machine of 6kg class is petite. At the same time before the operation face plate of buy type, go to the lavatory to decorate a style embeddedly, can save space of a lot of lives for you.
XQG60-QHZ1268HA of Er of high capacity sea is fresh appear on the market
On the function, used at present intelligence changes highest “JIT garment to work to stop ” technology namely, clothings of OK and automatic perception does wet level, clothings did washing machine to be able to stop automatically, need not time of 2 set drying.

Still used “JIT to become lukewarm at the same time stoving ” technology, stoving temperature control is in 65 ~ 85 degrees between, change stoving temperature according to the dry wet degree of clothings: Temperature is tallish when the dress is wet, those who carbonado is fast; When wash-and-wear when temperature is a bit low, protective clothings is not carbonadoed bad. Won't appear so carbonado do not work or carbonado the phenomenon that overdo, still can achieve underwear appearance at the same time the effect of stoving.

XQG60-QHZ1268HA of Er of high capacity sea is fresh appear on the market

Additional, still set 24 hours to make an appointment, tremble automatically medicinal powder, the human nature such as powerful intelligence error correction changes a function, help you solve the trouble back at home that wash clothes thoroughly.

Sea Er XQG60-QHZ1268HA Product type rolling-type Catharsis capacity 6Kg Dehydration capacity 6Kg Rated voltage / frequency 220V/50HZ Safety lock child lock Indication screen LED Exterior dimension 570*595*850mm Garment of other parameter * Jit works to stop namely
* Jit becomes lukewarm stoving
* trembles automatically medicinal powder function
* is energy-saving model carbonado
* expects intelligence is washed in the round protect
* makes an appointment wash a function
* is powerful intelligent error correction

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