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Exposition of home appliance of brook of 08 China kind will in April the last te

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Exposition of home appliance of brook of 2008 China kind will in April 22 Ci Xi city is saved to hold in Zhejiang to 24 days.

Zhejiang kind brook is located in Hangzhou bay to cross the end austral Hai Daqiao, it is Chinese home appliance one of 3 large production base, churchyard has nearly 180 home appliance overall enterprise of enterprise, form a complete set of more than 10 thousand home appliance, annual produce exceeds 60 billion yuan. Rely on base of solid lump economy property and powerful industrial catenary radiant energy force, together with be about to the Hangzhou bay of be open to traffic crosses Hai Daqiao, exposition of home appliance of brook of 2008 China kind is wide suffer global travelling merchant to fix eyes upon.

Bencibo sees trade of classics of exhibition of trade of convention of meeting be in harmony, capital attraction negotiate, the activity such as invite applications for a job of talent of " of forum of strategy of collaboration of " home appliance, home appliance is one case, exhibit can exhibit area area to will achieve 20 thousand more than square metre, set a standard to exhibit 800, involve kinds product of more than 100 home appliance is old on 1000 breed. The famous manufacturer such as letter of TCL, long rainbow, sea, panda will be joined exhibit. Personage of the expert of the unit such as service center of intellectual property of university of traffic of academy of report of the state in coming from, Shanghai, Shanghai, patent will begin communication interact with home appliance enterprise. The technology of patent of product of Chinese home appliance in special open up and home appliance products plan are outstanding work exhibits an area, show concentration electric home appliances According to introducing, this home appliance exposition will have 5 main activities: 1. Trade exhibition. Reveal and be on sale fittings of information of home appliance, electron, home appliance. Install technology of patent of home appliance product to reveal, outstanding work shows home appliance products plan, purchase business domestic and internationally to negotiate area piece. 2. Trade of capital attraction classics negotiates. Exhibit during the meeting, undertake investment climate is recommended and project of classics trade science and technology negotiates activity; Choose a batch meticulously to cover one, 2, the capital attraction project of 3 industries, contact domestic and international actual strength the business with driving, good reputation undertakes recommending, negotiate; Invite conglomerate form of foreign home appliance to conduct relevant activity in Ci Xi; Invite conglomerate form of the Hongkong's trader that involves home appliance, Taiwan businessman to mother make an on-the-spot investigation negotiate purchase. 3. Hold home appliance of brook of 2008 China kind to develop strategic forum. Give priority to a problem with the brand, invite relevant expert to hold home appliance brand to develop strategic forum. In technology of patent of open up home appliance, design outstanding work is revealed while, those who hold company of service center of intellectual property of place of courtyard of universities and colleges, scientific research, Shanghai and this city home appliance is interactive to be in harmony. 4. Have activity of " of collaboration of strategy of " home appliance. Reach by Trade Association of Chinese electric home appliances
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