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Suitable heart: Much channel exhibits conduct propaganda to build for fittings o

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The fittings of suitable heart home appliance that has held 3 is purchased exhibit, drove course of study of form a complete set of home appliance industry to be changed to dimensions, specialization, the brand is changed, internationalization develops, the communication of enterprise of form a complete set of home appliance of stimulative upper reaches and manufacturer of downstream home appliance and collaboration. Exhibit meeting propaganda effect to expand, hurried progress will be efficient commerce function, fittings of home appliance of 2008 suitable heart is purchased exhibit organizing committee and cooperation of numerous multimedia and ad firm, to social all circles through all sorts of channel conduct propaganda is exhibited meeting, obtain favorable result.

According to introducing, fittings of home appliance of 2008 suitable heart purchases the promotion that exhibit channel is much, transmission range is wide, have the traditional masses medium such as TV, newspaper already, have the burgeoning medium such as the network again, still have the outdoors advertisement conduct propaganda such as guidepost, bus.

Public media respect waits in newspaper, TV, exhibit just can be during the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day, be in suitable heart area the gold time of each TV stations and other place TV station paragraph inside advertisement of devoted pay a New Year call, fittings of suitable heart home appliance is purchased exhibit still cooperate with numerous media, regular publication hair and fittings exhibit pertinent information. The organizing committee still will be published first " fittings of suitable heart home appliance is purchased exhibit meeting dispatch " , in exhibit meeting around to issue 3 period, distribute nearly 10 thousand fittings enterprise. Carry meeting message this platform, fittings enterprise and its product information to purchase trade promotion, make exhibit meeting development to arrive industry market, more the person is hep, pass persistent information communication, widen fluctuation swims communication of the collaboration between the enterprise, those who make not confine is met at be being exhibited these days, thereby exhibit can make the communication platform that cooperate to be communicated inside the industry and never rings down the curtain.

In guidepost advertisement respect, exhibit meeting Fang Zaishun heart line of each large main force and country made large T card ad on the road, the main artery inside the industrial garden that and be in arranges area of and other places of heart, Zhongshan, placed shop sign of nearly 100 advertisement, arrange fittings of heart home appliance to purchase to enterprise conduct propaganda to the utmost exhibit, let more enterprise and travelling merchant understand the platform of commerce of home appliance fittings with this main whole world, your exhibition is famous degree taller, the audience is more professional. In bus advertisement respect, exhibit meeting Fang Zaishun heart town of military importance of each main home appliance made ad on the automobile body of nearly 20 buses of circuitry of garden of many contact industry, deepen the understanding that the personage inside the industry extends to fittings.
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