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Cleanness of city of the 2nd 2007 China International is exhibited

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Time 2007-3-28 comes 2007-3-30
Periodic 1 / year
Establish time 2006
Application ends 2007-3-1
Wai Street of showpiece Xizhimen of dot China Beijing 135
Exhibit exhibition of Beijing of • of Beijing of house title China
Showpiece cleanness of city of the 2nd 2007 China International exhibits content time of 2 Th China International City Clean Exhibition2007: In March 2007 28-30 day the site of an association: Date of exhibition of Beijing of Chinese Beijing • : 28 Rd—30th March 2007 Venue: Beijing Exhibition Center, beijing China approves an unit: Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China sponsors an unit: China of association of sanitation of environment of city of China of ministry of construction of People's Republic of China builds metallic structure to give catchment association to support an unit: Limited company of group of city building of Beijing of association of design of reconnaissance of China of academy of design of building of China of association of town planning of China of stimulative center of industrialization of residence of ministry of construction of association of structure of metal of building of China of clean chamber of commerce of Hong Kong of association of industry of Chinese environmental protection undertakes unit: Beijing of center of culture of building of construction ministry China 100 good Wobanghui exhibits service center international to enrol business: Contemporary in trade limited company (Hong Kong) exhibition organizing committee: Chairman: Liu Zhifeng (People's Republic of China builds ministry undersecretary) director: Hao Shengkun (chairman of association of sanitation of Chinese city environment) vice director: Li Gang (director of center of culture of building of construction ministry China) committee member: Cai Yiyan, Xue Fa, Yin Min amounts to, secretary-general of Chan Yinmu, Zhuzengyuan, Gao Haijian, Xie Zhenqing: Ursine honest deputy secretary-general: Zheng Gao exhibits meeting setting: Build an international fair that sponsors exclusively! The function that builds a department builds a career for general management whole nation, include construction of construction of project, city, municipal public utility, bourg, bldg. , real estate. This second exhibition is the administrative levels inside construction department system highest, dimensions the biggest, influence is the most far-reaching, representative the strongest grand meeting. Market prospect: In recent years, party and country take height of environmental sanitation career seriously and pay close attention to, various government also had new knowledge to environmental sanitation job, included the important the order of the day of urban government environmental sanitation work, make environmental sanitation career obtained the development of advance rapidly. Of the rapid development as our country socialist market economy and people living standard rise ceaselessly, people is right the demand of living environment and environment of fair Communist Labor University also rises ceaselessly, country and various government increased the investment that wholesome to the environment infrastructure builds. Construction ministry and branch of various construction director manage in urban environment sanitation sufficient play is integrated in the job guidance and action of macroscopical adjusting control, strengthen an industry to superintend, perfect policy of form a complete set, build the market admittance and concessionary management system, technology of normative environmental sanitation and equipment market, strengthen instructor, make state of sanitation of environment of our country city had clear improvement. To promote the development of career of our country environmental sanitation further, beautification capital. Build ministry and association of sanitation of Chinese city environment to be sponsorred jointly by People's Republic of China, the “2007 that supports via Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China ” of exhibition of cleanness of city of the 2nd China International will in March 2007 28—30 day is in Beijing exhibition is grand hold. This second exhibition is sanitation of construction ministry and Chinese city environment guild class is highest, professional the strongest, most grand meeting that gets attention. Exhibit meeting window! 1, authority: This exhibition has Department of Commerce and construction department two big ministries and commissions and association of sanitation of Chinese city environment are participated in, the governmental unit related home of know exactly about sth assist do. 2, information releases: By ministries and commissions, municipal Party committee office of concerned controller, major project is reached purchase a ministry to release Olympic Games place built information of progress circumstance and 100 construction project 2008, the project list that exhibits business to be able to get equipment of concerned choose and buy on the news briefing (inside data, every ginseng exhibits an unit to be restricted only one person attends) . 3, promotion product chooses: Join the outstanding product in exhibiting a project to popularize current exhibition, this second congress will exhibit product promotion to choose to joining, obtain the person that choose to popularize those who get a product certificate and bronze medal. 4, 10 beautiful are outstanding the exhibition decorates award: The organizing committee will exhibit tablecloth buy to get beautiful and easy business to the exhibition, choose 10 beautiful outstanding exhibit tablecloth buy award, issue letter. One, exhibit meeting timeline: Report, cloth exhibits: In March 2007 26---27 days reveal, communication: In March 2007 28---30 days remove exhibit: On March 30, 2007 14: 00 begin 2, exhibition place: Exhibition of Beijing of Chinese Beijing • (Beijing on the west Wai Street of Xizhimen of the city zone on the side of 135 Beijing zoo) 3, limits of item on display: 1, except (raise) processor of snow car, rubbish, dumpcart, road sweeper (car) , sweep (clean) machine, spray car, tank car, suck corrupt the car, deice car, car that push snow, aspiration car, dump car, high pressure rinses a car, . 2, zoology (mobile) establishment of comfort station of toilet, city and technology, sewage pump, liquid waste / cleanness of sewage disposal technology, life uses technology of dredge of water facilities, conduit to wait. 3, the classification of litter / collect / handle technology and equipment, litter fill bury / burn / processing of high temperature compost and the classification that use litter of technology and equipment, other integratedly handle trash of technology and equipment, solid to handle technology of the gas in the process and liquid reconditioning and equipment. 4, the equipment of off-gas treatment establishment, environmental protection that monitor, fall establishment of a confusion of voices. 5, the communal sanitation facilities such as box of the tool of mower, gardens, car that protect clean, peel, ash-bin and gardens Bao Jie are professional service company. 6, large construction / square is cleaned reach service facilities, car to clean technology and equipment. 7, other environmental sanitation is mechanical / technology / equipment. 4, technical seminar: Exhibit can hold at the same time, will hold seminar of much field technology, collect fees 7000 yuan / (2 hours) , welcome the unit signs up related each. 5, ginseng exhibit expense: International standard exhibits (3mX3m) : Domestic company: Enterprise of 8800 yuan of abroad: 2800 dollars smooth ground (hire since 36 M² ) : Domestic company: 900 yuan / M² abroad enterprise: 280 dollars / M² (remarks: 1, the standard is exhibited include carpet, shoot the lamp, power source reach negotiate the establishment such as the desk and chair. 2, build cloth to exhibit construction administration fee oneself: 12 yuan / exhibition period of square metre • , by ginseng postpone business direct to exhibit a house to hand in. ) outdoor----Smooth ground (hire since 30 M² ) : Domestic company: 700 yuan / M² abroad enterprise: 150 dollars / M² congress is other service: Inside front cover of back cover of cover of print of proceedings of a conferences / title page inside back cover crosses page of the color inside color page RMB of black and white page 30000 yuan 15000 yuan 10000 yuan 8000 yuan 8000 yuan 5000 yuan 3000 yuan of invitation: 8000 yuan / 10 thousand pieces of tickets: 10000 yuan / arch of 30 thousand Zhang Chong gas: 15000 yuan / exhibition period ginseng exhibits the reverse side of card, visiting card Wu of 30000 yuan of meetings expends exclusive advertisement: Everybody is 600 yuan, use at joining to exhibit a data, lunch, drinking water, commemorative gift reachs opening bender to invitation card one piece waits. Assist handle commitment: Course of study of this one's own profession of second congress specially invite has actual strength, influential enterprise to participate in assist handle commitment, commitment fee is respectively: Class A 200 thousand, B class 80 thousand, C class 30 thousand in all 3 class, the assistance of every level admits an unit only, the unit that shares commitment will get mass rally special compensation, (Detailed compensation byelaw and data ask for) to the organizing committee please. 6, ginseng exhibit formalities: Join please exhibit a manufacturer to fill in “ ginseng is exhibited explain ” of forms for reporting statistics uses a fax or express the connection unit to Beijing congress organizing committee, will join exhibit charge to pass bank remit. (open bill to paragraph hind, when bill is attending a meeting, unified hair accord meets a representing, special requirement can explain ahead of schedule) . The paragraph is exhibited to preferential arrangement, after receiving a manufacturer to declare, congress organizing committee “ ginseng exhibits manual ” to send or be about to pass to ginseng exhibit a manufacturer, the preparation before asking to do good ginseng to exhibit by “ manual ” please works. 7, address of congress organizing committee: Beijing Haidian area 13 China build road of 3 lis of rivers 6 buildings organizing committee connects culture center phone: Fax of 010 —88084448 88082164: Contact of 010 —88084448 68341449: Zhao Feng 13426038010
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