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Industry of 2008 China Chongqing is cleaned, clean technology and equipment are

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Time 2008-4-24 comes 2008-4-26
Periodic 1 / year
Establish time
Application ends 2008-3-20
Conference of showpiece dot Chongqing international exhibits a center (Na Ping)
Conference of international of Chongqing of the name that exhibit a house exhibits a center
Showpiece industry of exhibition of equipment of industry of international of Chongqing of the 9th China cleans content The 9th China Chongqing International Industry Equipment Fair, clean technology and equipment are exhibited conference of international of 24-26 day Chongqing exhibited a center in April 2008 (Na Ping) April 24-26, 2008 Chongqing Int’l Convention&Enterprise of □ of forum of development of new-style industrialization of □ of Exhibition Center is converse purchase form a complete set promotion of □ new technology, can new product, new technology can sponsor an unit: Association of science and technology undertakes unit: Wo Dezhan of Chongqing of society of Chongqing city machinist Cheng sees limited company (Chongqing can exhibit 10 strong companies) Beijing collects couplet to exhibit limited company Chongqing to collect couplet to exhibit service limited company to support media: Environmental protection of China of net of Chinese clean equipment cleans net electron to produce net of equipment net Hui Cong round-the-world finishing net…Equipment of IEF2008 international industry exhibits — industry to precede western industrial distinguished gathering, outstanding brand exhibits 100 beautiful of Chinese! ? IEF2008 is accumulated through 8, add up to clinch a deal nine hundred and ninety-two million five hundred and sixty thousand yuan, recieve global travelling merchant 88971 people (second) , extend meeting scope year increase rate exceeds 31% above. The full congress that held in Shanghai 2005 exhibits trade association (can exhibit do) be judged to be 100 beautiful of “ year China on joint meeting outstanding brand exhibits meeting ” . Already became western banner industry great event and trade platform. ? IEF2008 uses international to specialization operation mode, in western site of the most advanced meeting of large omnibus exhibition - Chongqing international conference exhibits a center to hold. Whole journey of media of more than 300 China and foreign countries dogs report, spread out all-around, mutiple level promotion of strong conduct propaganda, activity of form a complete set will grace for “IEF2008” buy variety, implementation science and technology and learning are optimal join perfect union. For travelling merchant of China and foreign countries development Chongqing is reached western big market, domestic company goes to participate in international market competition to create opportunity and condition. Equipment of IEF2008 international industry unfolds the market background of times of — new industry and commercial opportunity! ? 915 ” of national “ planned to include a key to coordinate development division the area that become change, by upper reaches of the Yangtse River 35 cities rise abruptly double nucleus of the special economic zone that become change is interactive the 4th economy of our country after will becoming economy of Bohai Sea of afterwards bead triangle, long triangle, annulus encircle grows extremely. The industry such as unifinication of report of information of manufacturing industry of car, autocycle, equipment, electron, the sources of energy, mine will be future becomes change economy division inside 5 years development key industry, its economy gross will exceed 1.4 trillion yuan, have good development base. ? Regard the whole nation as famous steam rub manufacturing base and the 3 Chongqing that make one of centers greatly, capture a country to carry out closely western big development strategy and old industry base promote the opportunity such as the strategy, accelerate build western the significant growth of the area extremely, the economic center of area of upper reaches of the Yangtse River, urban and rural the central municipality directly under the Central Government that develops as a whole, the base of modern manufacturing industry with important country, southwest is integrated traffic hub, bend force makes “ western world of ” of the biggest base of production of equipment manufacturing industry, “ connects a mechanism to build research and development of appearance of instrument of home of base ” , “ to make base ” , construction “ whole nation's top-ranking car motorcycle production and whole world purchase base ” . Congress program reports for duty cloth exhibits: 21-23 day began in April 2008 ceremony: On April 24, 2008 morning 10: 00 exhibitions time: 24- 4 removed 26 days month in April 2008 extend time: On April 26, 2008 14: 30 show rinsing equipment of machinery of limits ◇ industry: Equipment of high-pressured water efflux, dry ice rinsing equipment, ultrasonic rinsing equipment (metal and component are cleaned, presswork circuit board is cleaned, kinescope component and LCD are cleaned, optical component is cleaned, accurate component is cleaned) , water-solubility ultrasonic rinsing equipment, chemical rinsing equipment, Shui Jiqing is washed, electronic component rinsing equipment, boiler; Equipment of ◇ ground cleanness: Cleaner of bibulous machine, explosion proof, industry sucks industrial cleaner, industry aspiration corrupt blowdown machine, smoke wash the polisher of the machine, machine that brush the ground, ground, machine that wash the ground, dry machine, cleaning machine, machine that remove oil, hand push to sweep the floor container of car, rubbish, clear lotion: Purifying device of air conditioning of ventilated environmental protection, industry waste gas, platoon lets off industry pollution of filter control technology, inhaler, air detects self-purification of analytic instrument, air implement, purify air conditioning implement, coil of fan filter unit, fan and ventilated equipment, fan, ventilator, efficient send; Of all kinds fall equipment of a confusion of voices, sound insulation, sound absorption, noise elimination and product; Of ◇ industry sewage disposal and resource use integratedly: Equipment of processing of industrial waste water and loop use equipment of technology of technology, liquid waste reoccupy, water quality to monitor technology, film technology, filter agent of material, sewage purification, organic pollution handles a technology; Resource of industrial noise and oscillatory control technology, each waste gas, waste liquid, waste residue turns technology and equipment, without useless engineering technology the material that all sorts of preventing that pollute equipment to reach moving place to need, drug. Ginseng exhibit detailed rules □ to exhibit a norms: 1, this second exhibit can set 3M×3M international standard to exhibit, a piece of a 2.5M tall wainscot, lintel board, be in harmony is set to talk about two desk, chairs inside, two shoot electrical outlet of power source of the lamp, 220V, 5A. Other exhibits all and the expense that serve generation to provide for oneself by travelling merchant. 2, interior open space, hire since 36 square metre, offer corresponding vacant lot only. Reveal appliance, with report, build wait for item to provide for oneself. □ rate: The standard exhibits: Churchyard enterprise RMB6800/ USD1500/ of the enterprise outside the condition interior open space: Meeting Wu expends square metre of USD150/ of course of study of foreign enterprise of square metre condition of churchyard enterprise RMB680/ : 500 yuan / person, contain conference data, lunch, beverage, two rivers to swim, the souvenir. □ proceedings of a conferences and other conduct propaganda serve: Cover: 15000 yuan / page back cover: 10000 yuan / the page is black and white inside page: 2000 yuan / page inside front cover, 3: 6000 yuan / page title page: 8000 yuan / the page is common color page: 3800 yuan / advertisement of page entrance ticket: 5000 yuan / door of 10000 pieces of rainbow: 5000 yuan / aerate column: 3500 yuan / □ special clew: Because of,be like busy cannot join truly meeting, can carry the message of proceedings of a conferences of 300 words, only collection 800 yuan print cost. □ technology lecture: Need to apply for technical lecture or new product to recommend the enterprise of the meeting to ask for the conference to arrange a watch to the organizing committee please. Ginseng exhibit formalities 1, ginseng exhibit an unit to fill in in detail please " ginseng exhibit agreement book " build official seal, fax or send to congress to organize the office after duplicate, and ginseng of remit of nominated bank of 3 days of indrawn congress since the day that Yu Shen asks exhibits expense (every was not inside time limit deal with pay the exhibiting of formalities uniform do not grant to withhold) . Congress organization office is in receive ginseng after exhibiting expense will to ginseng exhibit an unit to send or fax " exhibit a confirmation " , arrive to arrange orderly early or late by the paragraph exhibit (date of expiration signing up: On March 20, 2008) . 2, ginseng exhibit an unit to ask at signing up when enterprise or product brief introduction (inside 300 words) and latest technology, equipment reachs a product or plan to join exhibit photograph of item on display / the picture is offerred 2 pieces organize the office to congress, before so that undertake,be being exhibited in time relevant website / the conduct propaganda that exhibit a newspaper. 3, circumstance of item on display of item on display, need to use power report, gas or with water, exhibit a stage to be decorated especially wait for matters concerned, offer congress to organize the office at the material will be being concerned before March 1, 2008 please, so that meet,ginseng of Wu group assistance exhibits an enterprise to had made corresponding arrangement. Item on display is carried, storage, hoisting, board and lodging is recieved wait for logistics service, detailed sees before the meeting " join the manual that postpone business " . Congress organizes office address: Highway of Changjiang Delta of area of Chongqing city south bank edifice of bright phearl of 27 Changjiang Delta 807 rooms postcode: 400060 phones: 023-62968507 62968517 86376735 is faxed: 023-62968444 62962377 62968587 62968112 Http:// E-mail: contact: Industry of exhibition of equipment of industry of international of Chongqing of the 9th 13368010584 China cleans Jin Chunmin, clean technology and equipment extend contract date: IEF2008- ginseng exhibits agreement book to extend meeting date: Came to showed a location on April 26 on April 24, 2008: Chongqing international conference exhibits a center (Na Ping) undertake unit: Chongqing Wo Dezhan sees limited company (Party A of the following abbreviation) address: Highway of Changjiang Delta of area of Chongqing city south bank edifice of bright phearl of 27 Changjiang Delta 807 rooms postcode: 400060 phones: 023-62968557 fax: 023-62968444 ginseng exhibits an unit: (Party B of the following abbreviation) country / area: Company property: China and foreign countries of share-holding system □ of □ of civilian battalion of □ state-owned □ is joint-stock □ foreign trader is solely invested □ other address: Postcode: E-mail: Contact: Post: Phone: Fax: Limits of item on display: Main client object or industry: Contract provision 1, Party A agrees with Party B ginseng to exhibit application, affirm Party B exhibits stage position, area, price, payment and relevant content to be as follows: The house exhibits an area, in all exhibit or area of M2 smooth ground. Exhibit a cost aggregate: RMB / dollar yuan; Name of meeting Wu personnel, meeting Wu cost is total yuan; Other advertisement conduct propaganda and charge (make clear please) above expenses totals: RMB / dollar yuan, (great 10 thousand thousand 100 pick up yuan whole) . Payment: Party B decides this contract 3 days in the autograph inside, will relevant ginseng exhibits expense yuan, collect congress to assign account by the regulation, party A of exceed the time limit has authority to be exhibited to Party B give cancel or bring into play. Account: Chongqing Wo Dezhan reads limited company account: 346030100100045147 open an account row: Subbranch of a bank of south bank of Chongqing of the bank that start line of business 2, Party B accepts afore-mentioned exhibiting, area, price and payment, obedient Party A consolidates arrangement and management, observe plenary meeting each regulation: Do not exhibit tort is sham commodity, do not make over relet to exhibit, do not remove ahead of schedule exhibit etc, if have,violate compasses act, wish to accept congress to till clear,be punished come on the stage or sequestered item on display. The loss that cause by Party B conceit, party A is not retreated ginseng exhibit cost. 3, after Party B signs a contract, exhibit affirm formally namely, do not retreat via affirming all ginseng after exhibit expense. 4, exhibit can overall figure and effect to ensure, party A retains the power that adjusts the position that exhibit a stage finally. 5, ginseng postpone unit brief introduction (inside 300 words) publish congress proceedings of a conferences freely by Party A, party B must offer manuscript before March 20. 6, " ginseng exhibit manual " as this contract accessory (before the meeting 40 days or so give fax or send) , have coequal law effectiveness. 7, both sides of armour, second fulfills each clause strictly, any one party do not get beak a contract, if have beak a contract, can find out compensation lawfully. 8, wait for force majeure element and reason of other blame Party A because of natural disaster, politics, cause Party A to fail to fulfil this contract, party A does not undertake responsibility of breach of contract. 9, this contract in duplicate, sign from both sides affix one's seal (fax) become effective, armour, second each hold one portion. Party A: Chongqing Wo Dezhan sees limited company Party B: On behalf of: Jin Chunmin represents: Date: Date:
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