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Technology of cleanness of international of CCTE 2008 Shanghai reachs equipment

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Time 2008-4-23 comes 2008-4-25
Periodic 1 / year
Establish time 2002
Application ends 2008-4-15
Showpiece dot Shanghai smooth congress exhibits a center
Smooth congress of Shanghai of the name that exhibit a house exhibits a center
Showpiece content sponsors an unit: China crosses a country to purchase guild of commerce of general merchandise of Shanghai of committee of major of central Shanghai cleanness to support an unit: Association of Shanghai travel restaurant undertakes unit: Shanghai spatio-temporal exhibition serves limited company assist run an unit: Technology of cleanness of international of Shanghai of preface of association of cooking of Shanghai of board of world famous brand and equipment exhibition and technology of cleanness of international of CCTE 2008 Shanghai reach equipment exhibition, it is Huadongde the area is large internationally one of professional grand meeting, exhibition area will exceed 15000 square metre, exhibit 600 many, will have come from the 20 many countries such as Korea, Russia, Italy, Germany, United States, Japan and area even more many 200 well-known company is participated in. Exhibit meeting assemble the catharsis with banner whole world and clean technology, equipment and product, focusing industry grows newest tendency, the corresponding period will hold much field industry to develop forum and technical communication to meet, discuss an industry to develop trend, market deep newest trends, international is banner technology and advanced management experience. One, market demand is huge: As the rapid development of our country economy, each industry is cleaned to cleanness, Bao Jie maintains, environmental sanitation had higher demand. . According to concerning sectional statistic, our country is annual and potential 300 billion yuan professional and clean demand, increase by degrees with the speed of 20% above, it is the biggest professional and sanitary market on the world. At present home has 4000 clean things manufacturer of the left and right sides, cent to market business and agent about, the final user that is commerce and product of industrial utility cleanness only arrived at 5 million above, this still does not include number with 100 million plan the clean product that average citizen place uses, potential market demand is huge. 2, business chance is infinite: Spring is an enterprise a year those who purchase is germinant, it is to occupy annual to purchase the gold with the largest proportion to purchase busy season; Shanghai is internationally economy, finance, commerce is metropolitan, also be the economy of our country, finance, commerce, information and communication center, be known as ” of “ Oriental bright phearl, it is the window that walks into China to lead to the world, having powerful radiant emitance; China crosses a country to purchase cleanness of center, Shanghai the branch such as guild of commerce of general merchandise of professional committee, Shanghai organizes member unit, cross a country to purchase round, government center, enterprise or business unit group is purchased arrive at spot communication, negotiate, purchase; Enterprise of well-known company, company of agent, agency, foreign trade, brand sticks the industry outside organizing an unit to still will invite home directly card treatment factory, professional media and public media unit arrive at spot communication, negotiate, purchase; Climate, favourable geographical position, support of the people all has, at the appointed time, the clean things enterprise of a few countries and area reachs the whole nation and even whole world nearly 50000 people gather Shanghai, it is the time that business of industry of clean catharsis product focuses highly inaccessibly, this potential to clean company contact client, extend the whole nation and even global sale channel, show the brand image, admirable opportunity that communicates with the person of the same trade and location. ◆ audience invites: Place of guesthouse of the cleanness of place of pharmacy of petro-chemical, biology, wholesome medical treatment, hotel, meal, Lou Yu is exterior the cleanness of cleanness and conserve, office and school is safeguarded, public cleanness is safeguarded, Bao Jie serves company, property to manage a company to wait. , ◆ shows content: 1. Clean equipment: Polisher of? of fine grain of ゲ of ⒌ of  of Tao of ǖ of ⑸ of the  that blow Tao, bibulous machine, blow all sorts of system of aspiration of muller of material of dry machine, stone, cleaner, central vacuum, rinsing equipment (high-pressured cleaning machine, carpet cleaning machine, vapour cleaning machine, conduit cleaning machine, laser cleaning machine) . Clean and chemical agent: Word of ⑾ of dysentery of alcohol of Qiu of ⑶ of dysentery of Su of Qian of children's hair wisdom Su of that Qian of  of faithful body ⑹ breathes out dimple of ⒌ of  ぜ dysentery Qian Su records Xiao of  of palm of ⒖ of  ぜ dysentery this dysentery ⑸  ひ of ⒐ of dysentery of bright of  of ⑾ of dysentery of duckweed of Piao of calf of dysentery ⒁ burnt. Cleaner provides: Be used to chooses ⒊ with respect to  of Pi ⒃  ah ⒈ = sneer ah ⒐ not び of late of Ku of Qian of ⑶ of Jin of an ancient nationality in China of ⒌ of eight a huge legendary turtle punishs ㄊ naevus to live frowzily  of figured woven silk material of refute of calumniate of head of delay of crack with teeth in mouth of  of palm of ⒖ of  of caries of  of ⒎ late し returns take? ◆ rate: 1. The standard exhibits a 9m2 (3m×3m) configuration: Showpiece field, 3 are exhibited board (2.5m is tall) , lintel card is made, one piece negotiates electrical outlet of power source of 2 desk, chairs, 220V, shoot the light 2 times; 2. Smooth ground (hire since 36m2) configuration: Exhibit a field, security personnel to serve, without any establishment, the other charge such as administration fee of cost, smooth ground is built to be assumed by him enterprise entirely outside eliminating these two cost; 3. Rate: Note: Double-faced mouth is exhibited add 20% what close to exhibit a cost formerly; Standard of joint-stock Overseas Businesses of company property home exhibits a smooth ground level to exhibit a smooth ground Booth Raw Space 1 1 square metre area of 9 Sq.m 1 Sq.m A of a 1 square metre 9800 yuan 1000 yuan areas of 15000 yuan of 1500 yuan of USD3600 USD350 B 8800 yuan proceedings of a conferences of 900 yuan of ◆ of 12000 yuan of 1200 yuan of USD3200 USD320 1. During be being exhibited to cooperate to postpone business, conduct propaganda is reached letting a client understanding postpones business and can communicate couplet to it after the meeting is, the organizing committee will compile and print meticulously congress proceedings of a conferences, proceedings of a conferences is distributed except the professional public figure that sees to the spot outside, still be in charge of unit of branch, agent, distributors, user, institute to the industry, assist (learn) the unit such as the meeting is sent, the company can own according to particular case publish printed sheet of proceedings of a conferences, norms: 135mm×210mm. 2. Layout of proceedings of a conferences collects fees: Cover 25000 yuan of back cover 20000 yuan of inside front cover 15000 yuan of inside back cover 6000 yuan of color connect page of 10000 yuan of color edition 11000 yuan black and white brief introduction of 3000 yuan of companies advertisement of other of 1000 yuan of ◆ 1. Visiting certificate: Norms 85mm×195mm, collect fees 4800 yuan / 10 thousand pieces, 30 thousand Zhang Qiyin. 2. The audience enters certificate advertisement 20000 yuan / 10 thousand, in all 60 thousand. 3. Aerate arch: 12000 yuan / exhibition period, place in the exhibition hall advocate entry point. 4. The balloon waves for nothing outdoor: 5000 yuan / exhibition period, contain scroll of long 8m× wide 80cm. 5. Because of advertisement finite, if some kind of advertisement cannot satisfy the requirement that extends trade, undertake in order to pay arranging orderly early or late. Secretariat of ◆ organizing committee: Address: Shanghai bead city district 118 lane postcode of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of a 2401 rooms: 201100 phones: 86-21-34123201 fax: 86-21-34123257 E-mail: contact: Li Jun 15901725836
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