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Exhibition of things of hotel of the 6th 2008 Guangzhou

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Time 2008-6-26 comes 2008-6-28
Periodic 1 / year
Establish time 2002
Application ends 2006-6-18
Nod Guangzhou showpiece
China of the name that exhibit a house exports a trade fair Pa continent exhibits a house
Exhibit equipment of equipment of equipment of hutch of cooking range of card of ark of things of facility of electric equipment of content is clean equipment, big things, guest room, baking, desktop, cold storage, phone, safe, big directive, palmy tree, kitchen, Chinese and Western, snack, refrigeration, last glass of ark, dishwasher, ice machine
Property opens pair of businessmen and public to the businessman only
Sponsor association of unit Guangdong cooking, Guangdong to save culture of Western-style food of hotel things guild, China to promote party of general manager of hotel of region of meeting, Guangdong
Undertake unit
Facilities of hotel of international of the 6th 2008 Guangzhou reachs remarks things exhibition (HOSFAIR Guangzhou 2008) will come 28 days on June 26, 2008 in Fair of Chinese import and export merchandise Pa continent exhibits a house to hold. We act on what innovation, collaboration, internationalization, brand changes to do exhibit train of thought, devote oneself to to establish to be exhibited high qualitily meeting, extend the cavalcade stride of the meeting actively to things of world top-ranking public house. 5 years since, extend the growth state that can maintain fast stability, attracted the hotel things that comes from the China, United States, Germany, France, Canada, Italy, Singapore, 30 many countries such as Japan and area hall of public place of entertainment of the manufacturer and agency, trafficker, hotel, guesthouse, village that cross a holiday, meal, club, hostel, restaurant, coffee, . Facilities of Guangzhou international hotel and things exhibition (HOSFAIR Guangzhou) become an Asia to develop the fastest, ginseng to exhibit the effect item on display of best, ginseng pledges highest, abroad purchases business one of most, hotel things exhibition that have dimensions and industry force most. The ginseng of 90% above exhibits an unit, exhibit through joining, not only rapid and occupational the market, and ceaseless development expands, take an active part in every year, prepare meticulously, the exhibition of Guangzhou hotel things June joins the key that exhibit to engineer as enterprise annual. Predict, HOSFAIR Guangzhou 2008 shows an area 40 thousand square metre, set (A2-B2-C2-D2) exhibit a house 4 times, exhibit more than 2, 000, ginseng postpone business 1, many 000, visiting business will break through 60 thousand person-time! HOSFAIR2008 will become Chinese hotel things to move toward the world, things of world public house marchs Chinese bridge, communicate what build internationalization for hotel things industry cooperative platform! We invite restaurant of domestic and international hotel enthusiasticly purchase personnel and hotel things agency, come round to look around at the appointed time, order goods. Exhibit meeting cent to exhibit an area greatly: Kitchen meal establishs store division, cleanness establishs store division, wine inn-keeper has an area, electric equipment of guest room, form a complete set reachs area of old hall things, desktop things area, spin weaving art to subdue an area, area of hotel intelligence system, division of coffee and tea, food. [ginseng exhibit expense] ☆ standard exhibits (9 square metre) : Domestic company 7800 yuan of RMBs, bilateral mouth is exhibited add close 10% . Basic configuration: Every standard exhibits a configuration 3M2×3 M2, 3 are exhibited board, a Chinese and English lintel board character, 1 desk basket of a 2 2 chair, fluorescent lamp, paper, and introduction of proceedings of a conferences, clean service. ☆ interior open space (hire since 36 square metre) : Empty space 800 yuan / square metre. Basic configuration: Hire empty space, the spot needs to exhibit a house to hand in mount administration fee especially 28 yuan / square metre (provide introduction of proceedings of a conferences, security personnel, clean service. )
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