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Industry of environmental protection of Guangzhou of the 2nd 2007 China, resourc

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Time 2002-1-1 comes 2002-1-1
Periodic 1 / year
Establish time
Application ends 2002-1-1
Showpiece dot Guangzhou city sheds beautiful route 117
China of the name that exhibit a house exports a trade fair to shed beautiful road to exhibit a house
Showpiece processing of content solid trash: Industrial trash, dangerous trash and waste liquid deal with to be changed with resource; Poisonous and harmful liquid, gas and sanitation of avirulent industry rubbish are filled bury, cremate and grading technology; Technology of waste disposal whole set; Urban rubbish receives carry, detached, processing and resource to change a technology; The of all kinds solid such as machine of crusher of equipment of the incinerator of biochemical treatment machine, rubbish, processing that prevent ooze, big rubbish, winnower, magnetic separation, packer abandons processing equipment. Medical treatment rubbish handles: The concentration of the rubbish of of all kinds medical treatment such as poisonous, harmful, peculiar smell, liquid, gas is grading, broken, compress, detached, sanitation is filled bury, cremate, combustion and flue gas are purified, deal with wait for whole set technology and equipment. Litter processing and resource change a technology: Equipment of cleanness of toilet of box of dustbin, peel, flow, comfort station; Special carriage vehicle, rubbish collects change trains of car, rubbish to carry classification of car, rubbish to collect car, clean tank car, road to rinse car, trash to handle box of coal tub, processing to wait. The product of industry of environmental sanitation cleanness, technology and equipment.
Property opens pair of businessmen and public to the businessman only
Sponsor science of unit China environment to learn
Undertake unit
Remarks 2007CEPEE theme: The development of home of green of construction of development loop economy as the society and flowing water of person the people's livelihood rise smoothly, urban rubbish pollution is increasingly aggravating, already became severe refashion to make an appointment with a city to live one of main factors with development. Our country produces rubbish of nearly 150 million tons of city every year, among them 80—90 % is big, in the city arises, but rate of urban rubbish processing is controlled for 50 % only; Accord with truly harmless change processing requirement, the processing rate that conforms with international standard is a few lower. Remove urban rubbish and issue of pollution of medical treatment rubbish, to can last of the city development clears away an obstacle, already made the task of an extremely urgent. Guangdong saves the core that is Chinese industry economy, the rapid development of manufacturing industry, make amount of amount of solid trash generation huge, and still increasing ceaselessly, comprise also complex with each passing day. It is reported, guangdong province will build 152 projects, hierarchy of control of solid trash whole process is established inside complete province limits, basic implementation “ is decreased quantify, resource is changed, harmless the modern government target that changes ” , make save solid trash processing to deal with to be on countrywide banner level with management completely; Predict 2010, build the processing of modern solid trash that enclothes complete province to deal with in succession base. Handle fruit of science and technology to reveal trash of our country solid and medical treatment rubbish, promote development of trash of our country solid and technology of processing of medical treatment rubbish, satisfy need, we decide on September 6, 2007 —8 day holds “ ceremoniously industry of environmental protection of Guangzhou of the 2nd China, resource uses exposition ” integratedly. To highlight key, strong conduct propaganda, trash of solid of ad hoc “ and technology of processing of medical treatment rubbish exhibit area ” . The solid trash that will reveal world each district at the appointed time and medical treatment rubbish handle technology and relevant equipment, still will hold technical seminar. 2007CEPEE will be world natural resources is shared, the platform of large business affairs that international classics trade cooperates! Welcome broad manufacturer to attend eagerly, copolymerization 2007CEPEE!
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