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Electric equipment of cleanness of the 4th 2007 China International reachs clean

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Time 2007-5-31 comes 2007-6-2
Periodic 1 / year
Establish time 2004
Application ends 2007-4-30
Road of bit of showpiece treasure of Shanghai water transport 88
Smooth congress of Shanghai of the name that exhibit a house exhibits a center (road of water transport treasure 88)
Showpiece electric equipment of cleanness of the 4th 2007 China International reachs content ◆ exhibits cleaner exhibition meeting setting: Congress of previous term or session attracted ginseng of 186 when come from ten areas of country and the home such as Japan, Switzerland, Korea well-known companies to exhibit. Its are Sino-Japanese this 8 the home, Switzerland 3 the home, Germany 10 the home, Korea 15 the home, chinese mainland 143; Hong Kong special zone 2; Chinese Taiwan 5; Exhibition area achieves 6000 square metre, recieve professional audience in all 28000 much person-time, among them abroad and professional audience home of power plant of 1920 people, home vendor of 1270 people, component is 70 people of orgnaization of 139 people of 15900 people of business of 378 people of 480 people, company of imports and exports, inland trade, scientific research orgnaization, government, other relevant industry 953 people, included Le Fu of Woerma, home, China couplet, Yi Chulian among them flower, always beauty of happy, country, Su Ning, 5 stars, Ou Shang purchase a tycoon domestic and internationally. Exhibition exhibition period 3 days, obtained satisfactory exhibition positive result. Ginseng exhibit business to express satisfaction to showing the result, the person that brings sample, data is visited asks for one sky, the ginseng of 70% exhibited business to all state below one is exhibited can continue to consult the wish that extend. Professional audience is more in client of the associate with on exhibition, on understanding and latest technology of the industry outside mastering home and the base that expanded trends to gain initial success in exhibition of previous term or session, electric equipment of cleanness of the 4th China International reachs “2007 cleaner exhibition ” moves division goes to Shanghai the 2nd big exhibition - Shanghai smooth congress exhibits a center. Exhibit business and audience to all will enjoy the interactive effect that exhibits meeting place generation and the tremendous business chance that brings for your company. The ginseng that regards clean electric equipment as the industry postpones business, exhibit only, you will establish brand image in relevant industry domain, enlarge product influence. You exceed organic meeting bring into contact with many 300 ginseng to exhibit business and professional audience of many 20000 high quality. ◆ origanization construction: Approve an orgnaization: National Department of Commerce sponsors an orgnaization: Federation of industry and commerce of China whole nation / China is the same as guild of electric home appliances Previous12 Next
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